Speech to text free online – Audio to text converter online

Welcome to thetechfat.com on the voice to text converting tool online for free. This is a free tool that can help you if your typing speed is not good and you can’t write. Then this tool is for you. The detail of how to use voice to text or speech to text is given below.

Voice To Text Generating Free Online Tool

Click on the microphone icon and start speaking.

Voice to text

How to use voice to text converter – Dictate into word :

So, if you want to use the convert your voice to text converter tool then you just need to read this complete.

Select Language :

So, first, you need to select the language in which language you want to speak and get a text. This tool is free you can use only 2 languages 1 is ” English ” and “Hindi“. You can easily select by clicking the arrow button on the top.

English :

So, if you select the English language to transcribe audio to text free. Then you just need to select more than which country language you want to voice to text. I hope there are 7 English languages that are maybe United States English, India, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. The most used language is the United States English in the world. So, I recommended you use the United States language…

Hindi :

Now, the second language you can select is Hindi most used language in India. You can select if you want to speak your text in Hindi…

Enable Mic And Run :

The second thing that you need to know is how to use speechtexter or audio to text converter. You just need to click on the mic icon provided on top of the tool. When you have clicked on it just allow it to speak. When you clicked on the mic button then all done now you just need to speak what you want…

Download/Copy/SendEmail :

Also, the next step is how you will copy the text and download it to email. If you have all done mean you have your text now you want to copy it are that you want. Then you just need to click CTRL +A and CTRL+C then you use this text easily. Also, you can download this text in a notepad file easily just click the download button to download the text. More you can send direct mail from this tool…

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