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About Tool :

Welcome to thetechfact.com official website. If you are searching about Url Decoder online or Url encode online. Then this website will completely helps you in encoding or decoding url online free. How to encode or decode url detail is given below.

Url encode online :

If you want to encode your URL then you can use the first 2 boxes. It’s very simple to get a URL encode online just paste any URL to encode in the first box. Then just click the button “Click to Encode Url”. Then you will see your output in the 2nd box. I hope this tool will completely help you…

Url decode online :

So, if you want to decode your URL online then you can use the second 2 boxes. Just give your input in the first box the “Click To Decode Url” Button. After this, you will see your output in the second box.

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