Loam calculator for hydroseeding – how to use loam calculator for gardening – how much loam do i need for lawn

Welcome to thetechfact loam calculator page. Are you looking for a simple and easy to use loam calculator for establishing your garden, lawn and landscape project? Then stop surfing more. You just landed on write page. A simple, fully functional Laom calculator is given below.

How to use laom calculator:

Our laom calculator is quite simple as clicking a button. You just need to enter the values of total area (in square feet, total area where you need to apply laom) in numeric form and press the calculate loam button. After than total amount of laom (unit: in cubic yards) will appear before you. This will be the estimated amunt of laom you need to apply in your lawn or landscape. You can calculate loam now by clicking the button below.

How to calculate total area of a lawn or landscape for using in our loam calculater:

Determine what number of square ft you want to use loam to. Measure the length and width of the area, then multiply them to get the whole square foot. then input it into the “Total Area” box.

For clean soil, we suggest 2-4″ deep.

Why calculating laom area is important:

Figuring out how lots loam you’ll want is step one in making ready for a higher garden or any landscaping project.Many human beings discover it very tough to choose via way of means of eye precisely how lots a pile of soil can cover.

It is likewise complicated to examine a place of land and to estimate how lots soil is required.The Loam Calculator is a available device you could use to calculate the quantity of loam required on your project, and in case you understand the fee consistent with unit of mass, you then definately understand the whole fee as well.

Use our Loam Calculator that will help you are expecting how lots loam you’ll want. This calculator, coupled with a bit preparation, can make certain complete insurance of your garden.

Guide for taking measurement of land before using loam calculator:
  • Measurement of square shape lawn
  • Calculate total  area of square shape lawn with formula
  • measuremen t of rectangular shape lawn
  • Calculate total area  rectangular shape lawn with manual formula
  • Measurement of round shape lawn
  • Calculate total area of round shape lawn with formula
  • Measurement of triangle shape lawn
  • Calculate total area of triangle shape lawn with fromula
Measuring total area of rectangular and square shape lawn or landscape:

If you luckly posses the area of  lawn or landscape in form of sqaure or rectangula then calculating the total area is quite simple and easy. Use a tape measure, a measuring wheel, and walk aroud the of the mulch vicinity to calculate the entire length and similarly width. This must be as near as feasible however does now no longer want to be genuine right all the way down to the inch. You simply need to be withinside the ballpark of the scale to estimate the entire area.

Calculate total  area of rectangular and square shape lawn with formula:

After measuring the total length and width with inches tape, multiply them(length and width) each other to get total area. The formula for the suque and rectangler is same.

Total area  = Length x width

Total volume  = Length x width x depth

Measuring total area of circle shape lawn or landscape:

If you have round shape lawn or landscape then then find its center point and measure the length from its center point to any ending point (any edge or diameter) on the circled shape lawn . You will get its radius (r) value of lawn. 

Calculating total area of circle shape lawn or landscape:

For raoudn shapre lawns and landscapes, the area is the magical number pie (π) which value is equal to (3.142) multiplied by the radius squared (you calculated before, in previous step).. Multiply “r” by “r” to give r2 and then multiply this by 3.142 to give the area.



Loam raduis farmoua
Volume formula
Circle shape loam calculator

Measuring total area of triapne shape lawn or landscape:

If you have lown or landscape that is in triangle shape and have there edges with equal length then you can measure and calculate the area by following:

Area = (length of base x length of height) x .5

After calculating total area put this area into out loam calculator and get the amount of loam you need to apply. 

You also can use Google Maps after which right-click on and choose “Measure Distance” then draw it out. 

Quick Summery for calculating area of lawns:

Here is summery given for different shapes lawn or land scapes ( i.e squar shaped lawn, rectangular shaped lawn, round or circle shaped lawn, triangles shapes lawn, mixed shaped lawn), in below table.

Sr. No.Type [shape] of lawn or landscapeFormula for calculating area
1.Square shaped lawnArea of sqaure = length x width 
2.Rectangular shaped lawnArea of Rectanglar = length x width 
3.Round shaped lawnArea of circle = 3.1416 x radius squared
4.Triange shaped lawnArea of trianle = (length of base x length of height) x .5
5.Mixed shaped lawnDivide the lawn into different shapes and calculate individually 


What is loam or loamy soil – we are calculating loam for which purpose?

Loam or loamy soil is mixture of sand, silt and clay which is ideal for gardening.

Soil is composed of many small particlesof different types which varry in amount. Scientist divide soil into three major type that is sand, silt and clay. Sand particles are the biggest and have a tendency to preserve little water however permit top aeration. 

Clay particles are very small in length and have a tendency to percent down in order that water does now no longer drain nicely and very little air can penetrate. Silt particles are medium sized and feature residences in among the ones of sand and clay.

We are using loam calculater for which purpose?

This loam calculator is a tool for calculating the amount of loamy soil for gardening purpose. It will help those people who are going to prepare their lawn, landscape or grassy plot and they want to know how much amount of loamy soil they need for a particular piece of lawn.

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