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Quick Summary NEPRA Tariff June 2022 – electricity per unit price w.e.f 1 July 2022:

  • 01 to 100 units Rs 21.42 per unit
  • 101 to 200 units Rs23.74 per unit
  • 201 to 300 units Rs 25.83 per unit
  • 301 to 600 units Rs 30.01 per unit
  • 601 to 800 units Rs 33.23 per unit
  • 801 to 1000 units Rs 40.02 per unit

The reason behind electricity price hike and its effects on consumers:

The world is facing a series of energy crises as fuel and electricity prices are significantly increasing day by day. This energy crisis impacts under-developed countries like Pakistan up to a series level. For the last few weeks prices of fuel and electricity hitting their peak and breaking all records.

Nowadays when inflation is touching the heights of the sky. The People belong below than poverty line and the poor class are fighting the war for economic survival. People from these classes pronounce electricity as “bijli”. They are saying that The Government of Pakistan gave a killer shock to bijli by increasing the unit price of bijli in 2022. Not only the poor class, but the lower middle class will also get a considerable economical crisis with this rise.

Details of Electricity unit price new Tariff 2022 approved by NEPRA

Electricity (Bijli) cost per 1 unit in Pakistan

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra, controlling and regulating the electric supply and tariff in Pakistan) gave an unbearable shock to millions of electricity consumers on 2nd June 2022. NEPRA approved a tremendous increase of PKR 7.91 per unit in the electricity tariffs effecting from June 2022. With this new tariff raise, the average 1 unit of electricity in Pakistan has jumped from PKR 16.91/-  to PKR 24.82/-.

One of the main reasons for this massive hike is fulling the demands of IMF, as the government of Pakistan is seeking for $6bn loan package to meet its financial needs and overcome the running crisis in Pakistan. The second other bigger reason is increasing the fuel prices in the international market.

PITC, MEPCO, GEPCO, HESCO, SEPCO, QESCO, PESCO & TESCO tariff and unit prices June 2022

The electricity supply companies like MEPCO, GEPCO, HESCO, SEPCO, QESCO, PESCO & TESCO, facilitating electric supply under the frameworks of NEPRA will implement this new electricity tariff from the effective date.

All changes will be applied at 1 July 2022…

Old Lesco electricity bill unit rates – Previous tariff before the price hike :

No. of UnitsConnection TypeTariff/ Price per unit (peak-off hours) The rate during peak hours 
Up to 50 UnitsGeneral Residential (load less than 5kv)(Protected) Rs. 3.95Up to Rs. 24.33
51-100 unitsGeneral Residential (load less than 5kv)(Protected) Rs. 7.74Up to Rs. 24.33
First 100 unitsGeneral Residential (load less than 5kv)(Protected) Rs. 7.74Up to Rs. 24.33
101-200 unitsGeneral Residential (load less than 5kv)(Protected) Rs. 10.6Up to Rs. 24.33
001-100General Residential (load less than 5kv)(Protected) Rs. 9.42Up to Rs. 24.33
101-200General Residential (load less than 5kv)(Protected) Rs. 11.74Up to Rs. 24.33
201-300General Residential (load less than 5kv)(Protected) Rs. 13.83Up to Rs. 24.33
301-700General Residential (load less than 5kv)(Protected) Rs. 21.23Up to Rs. 24.33
Above 700General Residential (load less than 5kv)(Protected) Rs. 24.33Up to Rs. 24.33
General Residential (load Above 5kv)Rs. 23.03Rs. 24.94
Agricultural Tube WellRs. 8.69Rs. 17.63
Agricultural 5 KW & aboveRs. 14.69Rs. 21.94
Commercial SupplyRs. 21.73Rs. 21.73
Industrial SupplyRs. 19.07Rs. 21.73

Lesco minimum charges (Even when no energy is consumed) 2022:

Connection TypeConnection Sub-typeMinimum charges per Month
General Residential Single-phaseRs. 75
General Residential Three-phaseRs. 150
Residental Sanctioned load Single-phaseRs.175
Residental Sanctioned load Three-phaseRs. 350
Load up to 25 kWRs. 350
Load up to 25-500 KWRs. 2000
For All Loads up to 5000 KW(at 11,33 KV)Rs. 50,000
For All Loads (at 66,132 KV & above)Rs. 500,000
Agricultural Rs. 50/- per day subject to a minimum of Rs. 500/- for the entire period of supply
Commercial Supply-do-
Industrial Supply-do-
Street  LightingRs. 500

Conclusion: Electricity rates in Pakistan are increasing significantly. This should be a serious concern for the government of Pakistan. The main reasons for the electricity price hike in Pakistan are external loans and high prices of fuel in the international market. Since Pakistan, many times seek financial packages from IMF and their expert suggest price hikes of fuel and electricity etc to increase Government revenue to return loan.

So in these circumstances, every consumer should use electricity wisely. and should try to reduce the electricity bill by using some useful and surely working tips. Read this complete article on how to reduce Your electricity bill. Also, visit electricity bill calculator.


What is Meant by 1 unit of Electricity?

When we say one unit of electricity, it means 1 Kilowatt hour. It refers to the amount of power required to operate an Appliance/machine/equipment Having the power of 1000 Watt for an hour.

One unit of electricity Consumed in how much time?

One unit of electricity is consumed when 1000 watt power appliance work for one hour. For Example, a 100 Watt Bulb consumed 1 unit when it is on for 10 hours. AC having 1000 watt power consumed one unit in one hour. A motor having 500watt consumed one unit in 2 hours.

What are Slabs in electricity tariff?

Slabs mean the specific number of units in which the per-unit price is fixed. It can be clarified by the example below:
Slab-1: is 101 units to 200 units Price per unit in slab-1 is Rs.11.74
Slab-2: 201 units to 300 units Price per unit in Slab-2 is Rs. 13.83
Slab-3: 301 units to 700 units Price per unit in Slab-3 is Rs. 21.23

What is the Price/Cost of 1 unit of Electricity in Pakistan?
The cost of 1 unit consumed is different. It depends upon Connection Type (Residential, Commercial, agricultural etc) slabs, and timing of usage. For example for the residential connection, the first 50 units consumed during peak off-hours, the per-unit cost is Rs.3.95.

Will I have to pay some amount even when I have consumed 0 units of electricity?
Yes. If you took a connection from an electricity supplier, you have to pay a minimum fixed amount even if you have not consumed a single unit of electricity. For example, for the single-phase general residential connection, you have to pay Rs. 75 per month even if you have used no electricity.

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