K-Electric online bill – k electric duplicate bill online check – view and download duplicate kesc bill

Welcome to thetechfact.com k electric online bill checking page. Here you will get complete information about k electric duplicate bill online check and download kesc bill. Also, you will get information about ke online bill payment or k electric bill pay online. So, just stay with us and read this article completely and get full information k electric electricity supply company bill.

How to k electric online bill check – Get duplicate bill ke – k electric duplicate bill

So, if you want to check your kesc duplicate bill then you just need to follow these simple steps after following the steps you can easily get k electric bill.

1: Find k electric bill account number :

Now, the first and most important is that you should have your ke bill account number. Otherwise, you can’t do anything mean you can’t make payment and also can’t check ke bill online. So, if you feeling difficulty in finding your ke bill duplicate bill account number (ke reference number).

Then we are here don’t worry kesc bill account number is located on top right corner of your kec duplicate bill. Now, if you can’t find this picture will help you that is below.

ke bill account number

2: Enter Ke bill kesc duplicate bill account number :

After, getting your kese duplicate bill account number you need to enter k electric online bill account number in bill checking box that is provided at the top of this page. Also, you can enter your consumer id, email and mobile number but, its optional if you want you can enter.

The benefit of entering the email that you will receive ke electric bill duplicate every month automatically. So, i recommend you to enter the also email in the box so you never miss your kec duplicate bill. Picture below will help you in entering ke bill account number in the box.

Ke bill checking complete guide

3: Fill the captcha :

For security reason ke company just added new feature that you need to also fill the captcha box. So, robots and computers can’t check automatically bill and can’t disturb ke bill company website by requesting bill every time. So, you need to fill the captch also picture that is provided you in step 2 will help you.

4: Click on view bill button :

After completing 3 steps you need to just click on view bill button then you will see your ke duplicate bill in few seconds.

k electric bill online download – ke bill save as pdf online 

Ke electric supply company also provides this facility to its consumers that they can k electric bill download easily. So, if you also want to download ke bill then you just need to check ke electric bill and then just click on the download ke bill button and your bill will be saved as pdf. Pictures may help you.

download ke bill

ke duplicate old bill online check – get all k electric company old bills

You can easily check your old bills of kesc. So, if you want to download k-electric online bill (old bills). Then you just need to select your bill after checking and you can easily download it by clicking on the download button.

Print duplicate k electric new bill – print ke online bill

If you want to print ke bill online then you just need to download ke duplicate bill. When the bill is saved you can go to the shop and ask the shopkeeper to print my ke bill. If you want to print kesc bill yourself then connect your printer with you device and just select print now in ke bill pdf. When you press the button your bill will be saved if you do not know how to print read the complete guide now

ke bill payment online – k electric bill pay online – kesc online bill payment

You can easily make kesc online payment by reading this paragraph. Ke official website provides this facility to its consumers they can ke electric bill payment online. So, there are 3 methods that provide the official website of kesco.

  • Jazz cash
  • Credit/ Debit card
  • Nift e Pay (Bank account transfer )

So, if you want to pay your k electric bill then you can select anyone from the list. Otherwise there is a lot of payment methods you can easily pay for by others. But, these are provided by ke official website.

Other electricity bill online payment methods :

  • Easy paisa app and website
  • Jazz cash app and website
  • All commercial banks websites and apps
  • Daraz app
  • Foodpanda app
  • etc…

Ke bill payment offline methods :

If you are not interested in making ke bill online payment then don’t worry you can easily pay ke bill offline by some methods.

  • Commercial banks
  • Easy paisa shops
  • Jazz cash shops
  • Nadra office
  • All post offices
  • etc…

All commercial banks that accept payment of ke bill :

Commercial banks of pakistan