Unique Method To Get Canva Premium Account In 2022 Or Canva pro account for free

Welcome to thetechfact.com in this post I will tell you about the method to get a free canva premium account in 2022. I will not take any charges for sharing the trick. So, just stay with me and read this article complete to get canva premium account for free in 2022

What is canva pro?

Canva is an online graphic designing platform. With the help of canva you can easily create your social media posts, Flyer, Resume and anything that you want. In this era, no one has time to create his own design and waste his time that’s why canva offers you to just edit professional templates. You will find a lot of templates in canva you can easily edit it and can create your professional design in just minutes. Canva is an Australian company and its founding in 2012 by Melanie Perkins.

Canva pro featuers – Why you should use canva pro account

Here is some reasons why you should use canva pro account in 2022. So, just read them care fully and then get your canva premium account.

Canva Pro Brand Kit :

The brand kit feature is used to save time because if you have canva pro account brand kit feature. With this feature you can save your brand colors, fonts, logos etc. So, you just need to save your favourite colours or brand colour, logos, and fonts at once and whenever you need you can easily use them. With canva pro account you have unlimited brand colours palettes.

Upload Fonts :

If you are a graphic designer then this feature is best for you because some clients may ask you to use a specific font in their design. So, sometimes or maybe any font no available in canva then you can easily upload a specific font and can use it.

Resize a design :

One of the best features that canva provides is you can resize a design after designing it or when you want. So, i hope no other design software provides this feature like adobe or others.

More download options :

Another best feature of canva is you can download your design in different formats. Like you will be eligible if you use canva premium account to download your design in PNG, Gif, JPJ and other formats.

Share a design as a template :

With canva you can easily share you design as a template like another person can use your design and can make some changes in your design if you allow it. You can easily share with your friends, family, team or workplace.

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Remove Image Background Instantly :

The best feature of canva pro account that i like and also you like is removing image background with canva pro. You can instantly remove you image background with canva pro.

Buy Canva Pro Account

Get Canva Pro Account Right Now :

You just need to fill out this form to get canva pro account in 2022.

How to get canva pro account for free – Guide to fill this form :

  • Email: First of all you just need to enter your canva free account Email here.
  • Other Details: You need to enter your canva free Account Password.
  • Full Name: After that you need to write your Full Name.
  • Subscribe to Youtube Channel: After that, you need to subscribe to my youtube channel “Technical Tuition”
  • Your Channel Name: Write your channel name from where you subscribe to me. If you haven’t first create it.

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